Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A little rain must fall...

The first thing I did this morning was look at the radar. Yesterday they were predicting a 50% chance of rain, so I wanted to see if it was coming. It was! Since I didn't see any lightning, I decided to go out and see if I could run a little moisture out of the sky. I mean what cloud doesn't love dumping a torrential downpour on a runner?

I started running right around 5:00 and within a block was beginning to feel raindrops. That gave me a light quick step. It's been so long since we've had much rain. I ran west and then decided to run south to the highway then run back and forth on the east-west streets. A block from Main I decided I needed to do some intervals, so I sprinted the last block and then continued this pattern for the rest of the first half of my run.

After I'd run every street east and west, I started in on the north and south. I finished those from Curtis to Main and decided to do the same "every street" grid going back to the east, Curtis to Belmont. Since there are weird street angles on that side, it took some maneuvering to get it done, but I came out just right in the end. I even threw in an extra two minutes to get myself up to 8 miles.

I walked a little cool down after I was done and then took a longed-for swig of water. Now I have to wait until after my lab work is drawn to eat. Hope my cholesterol is down this time. Grrrrr! (garmin data)
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