Saturday, February 4, 2012

11 Things About Me

Brian Adkins (a.k.a. MarathonBrian), my Chicago-based dailymile running teammate and friend, recently “tagged” me on Twitter, forcing me to answer a series of questions. His mandate also included instructions to do the same with 11 others.

The rules of the game:

1)     Post these rules.
2)     You must post 11 random things about yourself.
3)     Answer the questions set for you in their post.
4)     Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5)     Go to their blog and tell them you’ve tagged them.
6)     No stuff in the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this.” You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

11 Random Things About me:

1)     I did not own a car until I married in 1987. My beautiful wife owned a blue 1981 Toyota Celica which her parents gave her the year before. I married her so I could drive it. (Boy am I in trouble if she reads this.)
2)     I have visited every state in the Union except Florida, South Carolina, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii. If anyone wants to fly me out to one of these states, I’d be grateful! Coach would be fine. I’m not picky!
3)     I have been a pastor in the Friends church for almost 23 years. I was pastor in Arba, Indiana, north of Richmond, for 10 years after graduating from Bible college in 1988. I spent the next thirteen years in Argonia, Kansas, leading the Friends church there. The past seven months have been at Pratt Friends Church in Pratt, Kansas.
4)     I am thirteen months older than my next sibling. My sister is four years younger than me and my youngest brother is thirteen months younger than her. Weird coincidence, don’t you think? Thirteen months for both sets of siblings!
5)     I collect Pepsi bottles, cans and memorabilia. I have international Pepsi stuff from Israel, England, China, Mexico and Russia. (I drink Pepsi, too. I HATE Coke!)
6)     I have been running the clock for volleyball and basketball games for five years or so. I started when I was living in Argonia and picked it up at my kids’ new school when we moved. I am currently sitting at a junior high JV tournament waiting for the boys championship game to  start.
7)     My wife is smarter than me. Her college GPA was 1/100th of a point higher than mine. Those two B+ classes put me at third in our graduating class behind her and her roommate.
8)     I am not a good swimmer. I tend to panic when I run out of breath rather than breathe correctly. I attribute my fear of swimming to the drowning of a senior higher during a pool party during the time I was taking swimming lessons. He got his finger stuck in the drain. Scared me spitless!
9)     I have a habit of drawing things using my Garmin 305. I just run a route that looks like a dog or an elephant. Sometimes I spell out words too. Strange, I know. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. (P.S. I usually need to carry a map to make such outings successful.)
10)  I love to run. I love to cycle. It would be hard for me to nail down which I love to do more. On any given morning, you’ll find me out doing one or the other while the rest of the family sleeps securely in their warm little beds. Going early is the only way to keep my obsessions from interfering with family and work life.
11)  I enjoy music. Listening to it brings me great joy. Singing is one of my favorite pastimes. I play trombone and song flute, too. For kicks, I pull out my trombone once in awhile and play along with the high school pep band at ball games. Sight reading is so much fun!

Brian’s Questions for Me:

1)     Favorite event? You mean besides my birthday, right? I’d say the Run for Missions. Loved running in the inaugural 10K and the first half marathon. I enjoy running in support of my friend Adam on the 100-miler too. This year I’m going to run the whole thing with him.
2)     What’s your favorite Ryan Gosling movie? Well, since I’ve only seen two of them, The Notebook and Remember the Titans, I’ll have to go with Remember. I know I’ll get in trouble for this, but I hated The Notebook.
3)     What’s your favorite post-race celebration food? I don’t know that I have a favorite, but if Brian’s buying, I’m ordering steak!
4)     Who manufactures your favorite race day shirt or singlet? I love the dailymile team shirt. It was made by Saucony in ViziPro orange! Love the look and the feel. I really like my Idiots Running Club shirt, too, but I’m not sure about the manufacturer.
5)     What’s your second favorite Ryan Gosling movie? What?! Another?! As I mentioned in question 2, I’ve only seen two and I hated one. No second fav for me!
6)     Gatorade or Powerade? Either one’s fine. I use Gatorade powder for mixing at home, but I’ll drink Powerade if I’m at a convenience store and it’s cheaper.
7)     Favorite newspaper? I guess it would have to be the Pratt Tribune. It’s the only paper in the world I can get into just by organizing a Santa Hat run on Christmas Eve. Didn’t even have to call a reporter. I just posted the event on Facebook.
8)     You’ve just won a race/event, what’s your initial action or reaction? If you’re talking about before I puke, I’m looking for a patch of green grass to empty on. If you’re talking after that, I’m throwing my arms in the air and taunting the rest of the field as the cross the line. Not really. I wouldn’t do that. I’d only mock David Murphy of the Idiots Running Club.
9)     Would you rather be taller or smarter? Yes, I would. Thanks for asking. Taller would make me better at basketball. I’d like to be able to dunk. Smarter? Well, why not. I might be able to outwit Brian in race strategy then.
10)  Which historical figure would you like to have a 2-hour dinner with? I’d like to sit down and eat with Jesus. He’s a friend of tax collectors and sinners, so he’d be with a friend! I’d mostly listen, but there are a couple of things I’d like clarified, so I’d ask a question or two.
11)  Favorite holiday? April Fool’s Day is pretty great! I love tricking my kids, my neighbor’s, the guy in the checkout line at Wal-Mart. “Hey, Buddy! Your socks are untied!” (Note: If you are a scrawny junior higher in a big city, do not yell that at random strangers. I tried it once and the guy pulled a knife on me. That’s how I remember it. Of course, he was across the street, so I can’t be absolutely sure.)

My Questions for My Tagged Friends:

1)     If you were to change careers, what would be your dream job? Why?
2)     What is your most prized possession? Why?
3)     You’re offered a choice: Pepsi or Coke? Which do you choose and why?
4)     Would you rather do without your computer or your toothbrush for a week? Why?
5)     What do you order when you’re in a hurry and you have to take the drive-thru?
6)     Would you rather skydive or read a good book? Why?
7)     Long ride, long walk, long run or long swim? Which would you enjoy most right now? Why?
8)     How many geese have you been attacked by in your lifetime? Remember the petting zoo!
9)     Which club would you be more likely to join: the Idiots Running Club or the Quilters Guild? Why?
10)  Have you met anyone famous or even semi-famous? Who? Did you talk with them or just stare?
11)  Mountain biking or road biking? Trail running or running on the street?

My Tagged People:

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Elle Dubya –
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Mr. Shaw –
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