Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parting is such sorrow...

A friend on Twitter posted this today: "Way too many religious tweets in my timeline. Please stop or unfollow me." I asked him to define religious tweets. "Tweets that mention a religion? Tweets that imply religion. Tweets that mention a religious figure. What?" I wasn't trying to be belligerent. I really wanted to know. His response was a little disapointing. "Quotes from the bible mainly." Well, I post a verse that's meaningful to me from time to time, so I knew he was tweeting me. Not me alone, I suppose, but definitely me. I told him I'd done that in the past and probably would do it again in the future. Then I asked, point blank, "Do you want me to leave?" His reply took some time, but it came. "Yes, please, although I did enjoy your running tweets. Thanks." He has since unfollowed me. Kind of sad. I quote an occasional verse and he wants out of the relationship.
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