Wednesday, February 1, 2012

i am so in this one

i joined. what else could i do when i learned of the existence of a running club that so perfectly fit me? i don't recall how i stumbled upon the idiots running club, but it was a match made in...well, somewhere.

the irc (that's short for the club's name and a whole lot easier to text!) is a loosely-connected group of runners who worry less about what all the gurus of runnerdom say and more about putting in the miles.

irc members are likely to come back from runs with beardsicles or icicle mascara than they are to be all color-coordinated at the gym. their humor is self-depricating. their posts are fun. who wouldn't want to join?

if you want to learn more, visit the irc blog or their facebook page. you'll be glad you did. "ti no trid emos bur!"
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