Saturday, February 11, 2012

2.95 miles in 23:48

the only question i have is this: why did i wait around until the temp dropped from 12F to 10F before i headed out the door? i must be an idiot! "welcome to the IRC. here's your sign."

anyway, once i got out there, it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it would be. the wind was just above a breeze at 11mph, so the windchill was only -4F. rather pleasant as long as i kept it to my side or at my back. no fear of overheating! that's a plus.

i ran out east to do a little highway shoulder run on route 61 south. i turned east onto highway 54 then decided running out past wal-mart was going to take too long, so i turned around and ran down the highway west until i got to doug reh chevrolet. i ran through their parking lot to get off the highway, then continued south on country club road. from there, i turned onto sixth and the zigzagged my way back up to the highway. i crossed at howard and ran home, arriving right at 6:30. perfect timing!
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