Monday, February 27, 2012

B-icicle Ride

brrrrr! it was 32 when i got up this morning. 34 when i left the house for my ride. 30 when i got back. add the 13-15mph wind to the mix and it was cold! not that i'm complaining.

i wasn't going to get up and ride this morning. after late nights this weekend, i was going to sleep in till 6:00 and just get ready for the day. then i woke up at 5:00 wide awake. i looked at the clock. i thought for a second or two about staying in bed. then i got up. "why not go for a ride?" i asked myself. "why not?" i agreed.

i geared up with multiple layers and got out the door by just after 5:30. i had to loop around a few blocks waiting for a train before i could leave town, but after that there weren't any delays.

i fought my way north passed the airport to iuka averaging 12.8mph, then turned around and raced back to town. the initial struggle made this a very different ride that saturday's tailwind ride. more work. in some ways more satisfaction. a tailwind fought for is worth more...i guess.

made it back by 6:30 to wake my wife up, but she was already in the shower. i better get ready myself. (12.57 miles @ 15.2mph)
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