Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giving +Ks on Klout

My friend - we'll call her Ann - is having trouble giving +Ks to her influencers on Klout, so I decided to post a tutorial. I hope she will find it useful. Maybe you will to if you're signed up for Klout and are struggling with the same problem. (Click on any of the screen shots below to see a larger version. If you click on the first one and then on the larger image repeatedly, you can see each image enlarged and in order!)

Step 1: Go to Klout - - and sign in.

You should see your own profile if everything goes well.

Step 2: Click on the "Influencers" link.

This will take you to your Influencers page and will first off show you who you influence.

Step 3: Click on the "Your Influencers" tab above the list of people you influence.

Now you can see those who influence you and you are ready to give out +Ks!

Step 4: Click on an influencer's name.

As you can see, I chose my friend Jen's name and the link took me to her profile.

Step 5: Now click on the "See all..." link under her "Influential about 18 topics" list.

You can now see the topics Klout believes she is influential in.

Step 6: Choose a topic and click the "Give +K" button to the right of it.

When you do so, you'll get a confirmation screen like this that acknowledges your +K gift. Notice that I now have 4 +K at the bottom of the screen instead of 5.

Step 7: If you want to, Tweet (or Facebook) about your generosity by clicking one of the buttons.

The Twitter or Facebook box will come up and you can edit what will be shared. Click "Tweet" or "Share" and it will be done as you wish. The dialog box will disappear automatically leaving you with the same screen.

Step 8: Click the "X" on the "You gave +K" box.

Notice that the "Give +K" box next to Dailymile is now grayed out. I have given Jen +K there so I can't do so again for a few days. I can select another topic and give +K in it if I have more +K.

And that, Ann and all Klout users, is how you give +K. (Please give me some of yours when you have the time. Look for user openmikey.)
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