Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5.11 miles in 45:11


i left home with a little more motivation today. i was going to do hill repeats. nothing like the threat of bodily harm to get the blood pumping. i ran east to terrace and took it north to maple. i ran east on maple to parkway and headed south to parkview. (there are a lot of streets with "park" in them here!) parkview is where the short steep hill is. i was going to do repeats there, but when i hit the base of the steepest part, i just couldn't. my right hamstring had too much of a twinge in it and i didn't want to risk injury. i changed my plans and decided just to put in some miles. i looped around and around covering all the streets between school and maple and parkway and stout. if i'd had more time i would've kept going to the west, but i was nearly out of time when i hit five miles and i decided that was enough for today. i don't want to add too many miles all at once. i need to be patient and build up to the longer miles i'm going to need to get ready for november's run for mission 100-miler.
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