Monday, February 6, 2012

7.00 miles in 1:01:01

i did not feel like running this morning, so i ran seven miles. crazy, huh? i seriously did not want to go at all when i got up, but i somehow kept going and going and going.

i started out with no plan. i ran out to main street and down to highway 54 with the idea that i'd just complete the loop back to home. then i came up with this nutty, stair-stepping, zigzagging, back and forth route that got me back home at 6:30 with 3.51 miles under my feet.

i ran inside and woke up my wife, telling her i was going back out to run a little more. i ended up doubling my mileage by zipping up and down the streets going back out to main street and then shooting back down the highway at the end.

i'm pleased that i was able to run this far without the motivation to do so. it will serve me well come november when i'll be running 100 miles. i'm pretty sure there will be a moment or two of unmotivated running during that.
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