Wednesday, February 1, 2012

take that wednesday!

i was hyper this morning...super hyper! i completed my knuckle lights giveaway, a first, and was pumped about the results! so i hopped on my bike and rode hard! i shot out of town as quickly as possible and hit the smooth-as-butter asphalt that is north highway 281. they repaved the section from the edge of town out to iuka last summer and it is awesome to ride the lane-width shoulder! i don't know why i don't take that route more often.

my plan was to ride out about 20 minutes and then turn and sprint back home. i rode out longer than that. i really had to push it coming back. thankfully, the wind at my back helped me up the slight inclines on the homeward trek and i ended up pulling into my driveway at 6:31 with almost three more miles than i thought i could get when i started.

take that wednesday! (12.89 miles @ 17.5mph)
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