Monday, February 13, 2012

4.12 miles in 36:44

there was a thin covering of snow on the streets and sidewalks this morning as i set out on my run. it was awesome to run along and hear next to nothing as my feet fell into the soft stuff. i ran south into the wind with plans to do a loop around lemon park's path and run right back. i ran through sixth street park to get there, surprised to see the footprints of another runner who'd already been there. it was the same in lemon. footprints the whole way around! some brave soul was out before 6:00. good for him...or her! just before i left the park, a white tail buck ran across the path about 15 yards ahead of me. i almost didn't see him in the dark. he was there and then he wasn't.

as i left the park, i decided i had time to run a bit farther than i'd planned, so i headed out to main street and ran north. it was fun leaving prints as i glided past storefront after storefront. i ran out into the street a couple of times to avoid snow shoveling crews hard at work, but got right back onto the sidewalk.

i continued north on main past downtown and then turned east on school to head home. i was cautious on the brick surface since it can be slick. thankfully, i didn't fall. i made it home safely, walked in the door and woke my beautiful wife up to get ready for the day.
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