Monday, February 6, 2012

Define hate speech...

What is hate speech? I've been thinking about this question for some time. Seriously thinking about it. It seems everyone has a different opinion on the matter. We're pretty clear about what hate speech is when it comes to speech concerning people of other ethnic groups, but less so in the debate over homosexuality.

So let me ask you: What do you consider hate speech? Read the options below and in the comments section tell me which ones you think are or are not. I am not asking this to stir anything up. I would just like to know what you think.

Hate speech is...

  • Shouting derogatorily at someone you believe is a practicing homosexual.
  • Quoting Monte Python's, "Bet you're gay!" when teasing friends who are heterosexual.
  • Reading out loud or posting any passage from a religious text that includes homosexual behavior in a list of sins.
  • Calmly stating an opinion that differs from the "they were born that way" argument during a conversation with a friend.
  • Waving signs publicly that say, "God hates fags!"
  • Suggesting that any kind of natural disaster or terrorist attack could be a sign of God's judgment against a nation that has accepted homosexual behavior as normal.
What's your take? Are any of these hate speech? Are all of them? One or two, but not some of the others? How do you define hate speech on this matter?

Note: All serious answers which do not turn into personal attacks against others will be approved for posting.
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