Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A clean bottle...

Manufacturers of bottles abound, each one trying to grab a share of the hydration market. Dozens of companies churn out cheap bottles used by sporting goods stores or race directors as give away advertising. Other firms, many of them, create artsy offerings of brushed metal sold in department stores and specialty shops catering those concerned about their impact on the earth’s ecosystem. In such an atmosphere, getting a second look for a new product is a challenge.

Dave Mayer decided to take that risk and enter the bottle battle arena. His new twist on the old bottle? A removable bottom in addition to the traditional removable cap! This innovation, according to Mayer, makes the Clean Bottle easier to…well, clean. Everyone who’s ever owned a bottle of any kind knows that mold and algae are a constant threat. The owner has to keep it clean and aired out or the bottle gets kind of gross. With both ends of the bottle removed, the likelihood of grossness decreases.

Since I’ve fought to keep my bottles clean for cycling over the past eight or nine years, I picked up a Clean Bottle and gave it a try. I was impressed, when it arrived, by the quality of the bottle’s plastic. It was firm rather than flimsy like a giveaway. The lids at both ends were good quality with seals to make for a leak-free experience. My Clean Bottle fit nicely in the cage on my bike frame, yet was easy to remove when I wanted a drink. The opening for drinking was a bit hard to pull, but it was sturdy and seemed to resist the teeth marks. I took the product on several rides and never had any trouble with it.

I was pleased with the ease of cleaning. Since I was able to open both ends, I could reach more of the inner space. The bottle also aired out and dried better than other bottles I’ve used. Other company’s products molded even when I cleaned them immediately. This makes the Clean Bottle well worth a little extra cash outlay in my book. Yet it is currently priced at $9.95. Very reasonable for a durable product.

One thing I would like to see personally is an insulated version. I like my drinks cold when I’m riding. During the winter months, the Clean Bottle works as is. I haven’t had a “slushy” in it yet. I’m not sure how it will handle the heat. I guess time will tell.

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GIVEAWAY: The winner of the February 22, 2012, drawing for a Clean Bottle was @dazzeetwit on Twitter. Thanks to all who read my review and participated in the drawing. A big thank you to Dave and Jesse at Clean Bottle for making the contest possible.
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