Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Not so long...

I intended to run long today and experiment with fueling. I woke up early. I had two and a half hours, maybe a little more. I headed out the door with great expectations.

My plan when I started out was to run four loops with my house as the starting point for each of them. I did the first 5K loop without any problems. I ran past the evil dog's house without incident. I ran in the ditch to avoid a truck coming around the corner. I jumped out of my skin when I cat spooked in front of me. Stupid cat! I took a pit stop, ate half a banana, filled up my water bottle and went on.

My second lap went as well as the first. No real problems. I know I'm going to have to walk some on my 100-miler this fall, so I walked for a bit on a couple of the uphills. It felt good to relax a bit. I drank some water and downed a GU while the going was slower.

I didn't stop at home between my second and third loops. I just turned from one into the other. During my third loop, my left foot began to hurt. I ignored it and ran on. I walked on School Street's little uphill section, then ran up to Maple and zigzagged my way over to Locust and Stout. I ran south on Stout and decided to take another break at the house.

In the house, I did my business, got a drink, downed the other half of my banana and headed out the door again with my water bottle topped off. When I got outside and started running again, my foot complained loudly. Not wanting to aggravate it and be laid up for weeks on end, I stopped. I'll run long another day. (garmin data)
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