Wednesday, October 10, 2012

900 miles...

I passed 900 running miles for the year today. That's crazy! Who runs 900 miles?!

I woke up around 4:15 and got quickly out of bed. My alarm was set for 4:30, but there was no point in lying around. I had to get 11 miles in order to reach the 900-mile mark. 10.98 miles actually, but who's going to quibble over 2/100ths?

I walked into the living room and check the temp. 36! Brrrr! I dressed for the occasion and was out the door before 4:45.

I ran down Howard toward Dillon's with the goal of running over to Lawrence to see the block party sign my neighbor had put up there. I ran through the parking lot and circled around. There it was! Nice looking sign!

I continued up Lawrence and there realized I hadn't used the facilities before leaving, so I ran back to the house and took care of that. Number 1 if you must know.

From home I left again running down Edgeford to Random. I love the name of that street! So random! I ran over to Lawrence again and down through the First State Bank parking lot to Highway 54 which I took west to Main Street.

I ran south on the sidewalks on the east side of Main until Sixth Street where I stepped out onto Main. I ran down to the Ampride and tried to stop in for a number 2 pit stop, but they were closed at 4:40, so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.

A good friend asked me yesterday if I'd ever run up the hill on Highway 281 leaving town. I told him I hadn't. Today, I set about righting that wrong. I ran up it. It was not pretty. It's a lot steeper and a lot longer than you think looking at it. I pushed a little hard and had a little bile-in-the-back-of-my-throat feeling for a minute or two. Thankfully that passed as the road leveled out a little.

I ran out to 20th and turned west. The sandy surface under my feet felt nice. I ran up and down the little rollers. As I approached SW 10th, I had to stop to walk. Montezuma was seeking revenge and I had to walk or be vanquished. After a minute or so, the feeling passed and I ran on. I ran north on SW 10th to regular old 10th and turned west.

As I ran along 10th, Montezuma threatened again. I walked it off, but I was beginning to wonder if I'd make it into town to the Kwik Shop before all you-know-what let loose its fury!

I ran turned north again on West River Road. I sped along the paved surface with an urgency I'd not known for quite some time. I had to make it to the Kwik Shop. Now! A quick jaunt down 5th took me, after a zig and a zag, to the place I needed most. Whew! Made it!

Much relieved, I left the store and ran down Highway 54 again. I ran past First United Methodist and KFC. I ran past the Presbyterian Church too. I ran to Hillside and then went north up to School. I turned right and ran to Champa which I took north to Maple. I had about 15 minutes left to run at this point, so I turned west on Maple and ran to Oak and circled back on Holly to Stout.

Taking Stout north for a little over a block, I found myself headed east on Walnut past the Pratt Care Center. I turned onto Larimer and ran the home stretch with great joy! The streets passed by in quick succession - Myrtle, Holly, Spruce, Maple, Green, Cherry...home!

I stepped inside and began to draw my map. Had I covered 11 miles? I wasn't sure. My stinkin' Garmin had died before mile six! Grrrrr! I clicked here and there all over the Google map until the route was drawn. 11.16 miles! Enough.
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