Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All around...

I woke up ready to run this morning. I dressed quickly and headed out the door. I decided to take in all the entrances to town that I missed yesterday, so I took off to the north to cover the Highway 61 entry from the north and the 10th Street entry also.

I had nailed both of those and was running south down 61 when I happened to notice something moving just ahead of me. By the time I realized it was a skunk, I was within seven or eight feet of it. I swerved out onto the highway. The skunk raised it's tail and swerved the other way. Whew! Closer call than I'd like. A quarter mile or so further down the road, I look over in the ditch near the truck stop and there's an owl sitting by the light pole. He sees me and starts running. If you've ever seen an owl run, you know that was a bit of a laugh. I continued on down to Highway 54 without any further wildlife encounters.

On Highway 54, I ran to the edge of town, then doubled back and returned to Wal-Mart. I turned south there and ran down to Country Club Road. I ran out of town on it, turning around just past the sewage treatment plant. I ran back to Sixth Street and made my way west to south 281 (a.k.a. Main Street). I didn't actually run all the way out to the city limits on 281 because I did that yesterday and I wanted to make sure to exceed one other limit that I'd not done.

I ran back up 281 to Tenth Street and followed it until it hit Ridgeway. I took Ridgeway north to Fifth and took Fifth over to Rancho and Rancho up to 54 as I'd done yesterday.

I took 54 east to the Kwik Shop. I didn't need a pit stop today. I turned on Starr, ran to First and took First to the sandy entry to town, turned around and then ran zigzagging up to the railroad crossing at Simpson and Main.

I really wanted to take in the last city limit, but I was clearly going to run out of time. I reluctantly turned south on Main and made my way back home via Green and Larimer. I ran past the house a block to get to 11 miles, then stopped and walked a block to cool down. (garmin data)
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