Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Post work five...

When I got home from work, my wife was ready to go for a run. I changed from my professor clothes into running gear quickly and we headed out the door. For her sake, we walked around the block to warm up and then ran two blocks and walked one for about a mile and a half.

After a quick pit stop, I left her at home and went out for another 3.5 miles. My goal was to bring my average pace down from about 13:00 pace to 10:00 pace. I ran up along the same streets we had run earlier and then set off around the north side of town. I ran down Main Street and then west a few blocks before I found a break in the traffic and ran down to Third.

I took Third west past the hospital and then ran north on Howard and sped around our neighborhood. My last mile was pretty quick as I was nearing 50 minutes. I missed my goal. I passed 50 minutes about 25 seconds before my Garmin clicked over to five miles. It was sure fun trying! (garmin data)
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