Monday, October 29, 2012

Another ten...

I didn't really want to get up this morning. My bed was warm and comfortable. The wind was blowing outside and it was cold - 37 degrees. I got up anyway. I dressed to run. I stepped outside wearing what I wore for the Run for Missions Half Marathon Saturday when it was below freezing. I started to run and the wind hit me. I turned around and ran back for a windbreaker. Brrrrrr!

I ran south on Howard, crossed Highway 54 and ran on past PRRC and the apartment complexes south of there. I turned on Fifth thinking I could take it out of town, forgetting that there's a park that cuts it off for a block. I remembered that after I ran down the super steep little hill and started back up. I shrugged my shoulders and ran on.

At Haskell, I turned south and ran down to Sixth, took a right, the turned into Sixth Street Park and followed the street's curves all the way to Pine. I turned there, ran to Lemon Park and then headed west on Santa Fe which took me to Highway 281.

Turning south on 281, I ran to Lake Road and headed west. My plan was to run out to West River Road and then out to Skyline. Dogs changed my mind. About a third of a mile down Lake Road (a.k.a. S.E. 10th), I heard barking from a multitude of dogs. Having never been down this road in the dark, I wasn't sure how many there were in this pack nor whether they were penned up or not, so I turned around and ran back into town. Call me a coward if you like. I just don't trust critters that used to be wolfish.

Back in town, I turned onto Tenth Street and ran along the edge of town. A couple of people had their sprinklers going. I avoided them. It was way too cold for an outdoor shower. I turned north on Ridgeway, then turned into the housing development with the nasty little hill. I ran it, then made my way out to Fifth Street.

Since my original plan had included a trip to Skyline, I took Fifth to West River and then popped out onto Highway 54. I ran west the mile and a half or so to the school, ran on past it, then doubled back and headed home.

I was finally feeling good by the time I hit the city limits. The soreness from the half marathon was gone and I had settled into a nice rhythm. I made a little jog south at the Kwik Shop and took Second Street toward downtown. A little yipping dog came out at me once during my trek along Second, but I could see him and he wasn't much of a threat. I ran east until I got to Jackson, then turned north so I didn't have to stop for a car that was coming from the north. I hate stopping!

From Second and Jackson, I ran up to Garfield, took it east, jogged north on Main and then took School all the way back home. I momentarily thought about running a few more blocks, but then the urge to have a seat in the bathroom hit so I quit.

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I will be out earlier than this morning and put in my final long run. At Adam's suggestion, it will be at least 30 miles. If I hit 30 miles, I'll likely, unless I'm dying, run the extra mile to make it 50K. I just like those Ks. (I ran 10.24 miles. Garmin died at 5 miles. Stupid Garmin.)
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