Saturday, October 6, 2012

My private marathon...

I finally got my long run in! I set out this morning just after 5:00 headed from Pratt to Haviland along basically the same route that I will take at the end of my 100-miler next month.

I ran from my house along School Street to Main and headed north to the first country road that leaves town headed west. I ran out into the dark along the sandy road, enjoying the sound of each footfall as I cruised along. I ran three miles on this road, then turned south on 40th for a mile. It was on this stretch that I took my first roadside pit stop, a first for me. Not fun! I did feel better afterward, but yuck!

I ran down to 1st Street then headed west again. I followed 1st Street all the way through the rest of Pratt County. I had to take a second pit stop a few miles down the road. I encountered a couple of dogs. They barked, but didn't charge. I'm always happy when barking is all that happens! I also heard hunters firing their rifles in the distance when I ran past the Texas Lake Wildlife Area. Glad they weren't shooting at me!

1st Street turned into G Street when it crossed into Kiowa County. I continued on west and picked up a running partner about a mile into the county. A friendly pup ran along with me for the next five or six miles, disappearing only after I crossed over the asphalt of 51st. 51st goes south to Haviland, but I wanted to complete 26.2 miles so I ran a mile west, one south and another back east to get the extra miles I needed.

At the cemetery, I turned south onto 51st and ran into town. When I entered the city limits, I ran on to my wife's uncle and aunt's house where I had left clothes to change into. I thought I needed more distance, so I ran around their block before stopping. It turned out that I could have quit earlier. Oh, well! I finished my first solo marathon distance run ever!

Am I ready to run 100 miles? Not quite yet. I need a few more of these kind of runs to gain confidence and to build stamina. Watch for them later this month!
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