Tuesday, October 23, 2012

To the limits...

I was going to run out to Skyline and back this morning, but changed my mind when I got to Main Street. I decided there to run to the southern city limits and then to the western limits. I felt great as I ran down Main. It was fun to run into the cooling breeze as I ran across the bridge and out to Lake Road.

Running back north was not nearly as pleasant. Without a breath of wind in my face, I started sweating profusely. The humidity, I found out later, was hovering right around 100%! I ran up to Fifth and took that bricked street out of town to the west. I ran up to the highway on Rancho Road and then ran back into the city limits on Highway 54.

After a brief pit stop at the Kwik Shop, I ran back to the center of town and decided to take it past one more limit, the northwestern entrance into town on Highway 281. I ran up Jackson, through the parking lot at the Union Pacific offices, across the tracks and up Main. I was feeling really good.

I turned around and picked up the pace now that the wind was in my face again. I ran back to the railroad tracks and turned east on Maple. I ran down the hill then up it, jogged past my office and then turned on Larimer to complete my loop at home.

I saw six other runners this morning. I saw two down south on Main and four on Maple around Oak or maybe Pine. I greeted all of them warmly and they waved and answered back with their own greetings. (garmin data)
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