Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cairo out and almost back...

I should have stuck with my original plan. I set out this morning to run 15 miles. I was going to run to 70th, jog north a mile and follow 10th back to town. If I'd done that, I'd have gotten home with just over 15 miles. I probably should have eaten something before I left too.

What I did instead was run past 70th all the way to Cairo (no, not the one with the sphinx), then turn around and try to run back. That didn't work so well. Somewhere around 12 miles, my energy level dropped. I stopped to walk for a bit, then tried to run again. I ran for a short way and had to walk again. For the rest of my run that's the way it was. I could run about a half mile, then I had to walk. I felt awful and I was starting to get really thirsty.

About four miles from town, I was so desperate for water that I prayed for it. About ten steps later, I looked into the ditch and there were two unopened bottles of Neslte's Pure Life water, my favorite! I walked over, picked them up, popped the first one open and thanked God as I poured the entire 16.9 ounces down my throat. Refreshing!

I continued on. About three miles from home, I started sticking my thumb out. I was ready to quit. No one stopped to give me a ride. I guess I looked scary.

When I got to the road out to the lake, I spotted a couple of people looking through the farm implements on the other side of the highway. I yelled, "Can I get a ride into Pratt?" They offered a trip in the back of their pickup. They didn't think I'd enjoy a ride with their dog in the back seat. I was about to get in when another pickup pulled up. It was a couple whose daughter was another of the homecoming candidates at Skyline last week. They had a back seat. I rode with them.

The lesson I learned today: Never go on a long run without eating something beforehand and carrying some kind liquid with you. (garmin data)
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