Monday, October 1, 2012

Pit stop at Wal-Mart...

I wanted to run a little longer this morning than I had since my bike accident. My shoulder has been feeling better, so I was pretty sure I could handle it.

I took off with no particular route in mind. I just wanted to run as long as I could before breakfast.

I ran out to Highway 54 and headed east. I didn't get very far when GI issues became very pressing. I stopped at the truck stop and it's one-holer was full, so I ran on to Wal-Mart and used their facilities.

Much relieved after my pit stop, I continued on east on the highway. It was a beautiful morning, cooler than it has been and nicely lit by the moon. I ran out two miles and then turned onto dirt.

I ran up a mile on the dirt road and then turned back toward town. This is the road I'll be coming into Pratt on during my 100-miler next month. (Yikes! Did I just say next month?!) I ran along the sandy surface enjoying myself.

When I got back to the pavement, I took Highway 61 south to Maple and then ran up the hill past my office and on to Oak before looping back around toward home. I passed 8 miles before the curves in School Street, so I ended up with 8.25 miles.

I still need some (a lot) longer runs for me to feel confident about my 100-miler, but I was really pleased with today's run. I felt like I could run at this pace for a long, long time. (garmin data)
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