Wednesday, October 24, 2012

For God so loved...

“For God so loved the world – the adulterers, the anxious, the arguing, the fearful, the Americans and the Canadians, the abortionists and the aborters, the arrogant and ashamed, the horoscope followers, the Iraqis and the Iranians, the backbiters and vain babblers, the unbelieving, the bitter and blasphemous, the boasters and deceivers, the judgers and abusers, the bribe-givers and bribe-takers, the lustful and the God-haters, the Jews and the Syrians, the evil-thinkers and the plotters, the complainers and insulters, the immodest and the contemptuous, the liars and thieves, the murderers and the covetous, the envious and the corrupt, the king cursers and the filthy mouthed, the gossip speakers and the gossip hearers, the Serbians and the Japanese, the false teachers and the contentious, the faction creators and the debt dodgers, the defrauders and the inventors of evil, the drunkards and disputers, the world-lovers and neighbor-haters, the gluttons and the disrespectful children, the employee-cheaters and the employer-cheaters, the Chileans and the Argentinians, the rewarders of evil and the condemners of the innocent, the faithless and the extortionists, the showy religious types and the customer-cheating businesspersons, the strife-stirrers and the foolish, the gamblers and the grudging givers, the fraudulent and the fortune tellers, the fornicators and the unforgiving, the idolaters and the oppressors of the poor, the harsh and the disobedient, the Irish and the Scots, the thankless and the prayerless, the self-glory seekers and the rebels, the unsubmissive and the rejecters of truth, the Germans and the Afrikaners, the lukewarm and the fool, the incestuous and the bestial, the angel-worshipers and the greedy, the homosexual offender and the inhospitable, the violent and the hypocritical, the husband-hating wives and the wife-loathing husbands, the lazy, the idle, the cowardly, the jealous, the covetous, the kidnappers and the coarse jokers, the wealthy and the poor, the unkind and the false witnesses, the lovers of self and the haters of enemies, the malicious and the prostitutes, the unmerciful and the law-breakers, the murmurers and the money-lovers, the mockers and the double-minded, the obstinate and the over-indulgers, the partial and the impatient, the slaves to pleasure and the stingy, the French and the Danes, the people-pleasing preachers and the flatterers, the prejudiced and the proud, the rapist and the unrepentant, the riotous livers and the scoffers, the scornful and the self-righteous, the slanderers and the sorcerers, the swearers of oaths and the tattlers, the unjust and the quick-tempered, the corner-cutters and cheats, the worriers and traitorous, the truce-breakers and the ungrateful, the vain and the discontented, the witches and the stiff-necked, the rejecters of God’s word and the resisters of truth, the worldly-ambitious and the worldly-minded, the dishonorers of marriage and the dishonorers of parents, the wrathful and the slothful, the neglecters of children and the lovers of tradition over God’s will, the orphan oppressors and the widow swindlers – that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” In short, God loved you enough to send his son so that if you believe, you won’t be condemned, but will have eternal life.
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