Monday, October 15, 2012

A short one...

I woke up this morning to an email from my friend, Adam. Attached to it was an Excel spreadsheet with turn by turn, intersection by intersection directions for our 100-miler. He was giving it to me and to my support vehicle driver. According to his calculations, we'll be running 103.9 miles. I may have to run an extra .9 miles to make it 104.8 which is exactly four marathons. I say that now. I may be happy with 103.9 when the time comes.

I spent too much time pouring over the directions, so I didn't get out as early to run as I was planning to. I decided to take it easy and just run a few miles to wake my legs up for the day. They felt pretty good as I ran along.

I ran to Maple Street and then over to Highway 61. I toyed with running out into the country, but decided against it and ran south to Highway 54 instead. I took 54 over to Wal-Mart and headed south on Fincham to Sixth. I ran Sixth all the way to Main Street, then ran north on Main to School which took me home.

I met up with a few walkers and their well-behaved dogs this morning. They all gave me a cheery, "Good morning!" (garmin data)
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