Friday, October 26, 2012


It was 32 degrees when I headed out the door this morning, so I ran a route in honor of the temp. It was actually pretty pleasant despite the 17mph winds. My Idiots Running Club shirt and dailymile team jacket kept my upper body just warm enough to be comfortable and my compression socks were just right for the legs. My orange Kinvaras, polypro gloves, compression shorts, regular shorts and a thermal headband completed my gear for the day. Nothing terribly exciting happened while I was running (and spelling). A few dogs barked, but none of them was loose. A few cars drove by, but none of them hit me. All in all, a good morning run. Just 15.05 miles more and I'll have my first 200-mile running month ever. I think I get that done. Only 4.83 miles to the year's 1,000 mile goal! I may have to run this afternoon. (8.7 miles @ 8:41/no Garmin data since it quit after only 37 minutes.)
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