Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Biggest mileage yet...

At 42 degrees, it was a bit brisk this morning. The cooler temps made me want to run faster to stay warm. No sense in being cold if you don't have to be.

In the first mile and a half of my run, I encountered two skunks. The first was running parallel to me about twenty feet away. The second was much closer and running away from me. Both had their tails up, but did not perfume me. I ran away from them out into the country. All morning, I enjoyed the bright light of the near full moon as I shuffled along the dirt roads. It was beautiful.

I ran a route that I've never done before, running a mile north and then looping around to come back into town the same way I left it. I then crossed the highway and ran up past the cemetery to Stout to get back home.

My Garmin died before I finished, so this is a close approximation of my distance and time. I know I was right around 9 miles and 1:20. If my Garmin had still been working, I'd have run an extra .30 to get 15K. Even without that extra, this run put me over 826 miles for the year making 2012 my biggest mileage year ever. Of course, that's not saying much since I've only run for two years.
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