Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2.75 miles in 22:30


i was out in my garage getting some gear for my run this morning and stumbled upon my old elephant route. i glanced at my watch to see if i had time for five miles. nope. i looked at the route and figured out how to take the same basic form and make it into a doggish shape. (see garmin data.) i decided to run it, so i headed out the door, map in hand.

it was a bit cold out, but the still air made it less so than it's been the last few days with gusty winds. i wore a light jacket over my dailymile tech tee and felt fairly comfortable after the first few blocks. it's amazing how warm the body gets on a run!

i traced the legs of the dog during my first mile. the legs were mostly downhill, so when i ran up the back side of the dog, i had a little work to do. i made it up to maple and added the tail, then headed down the dog's spine. this is where i got a little confused. the map i was carrying was a little smudged, so i could quite figure out what street i was supposed to turn north on to start drawing the head. i ended up turning a block too early and making the head wider than i'd planned. i got back on course for the forehead and snout and finished up returning to the top of the front leg where i'd started.

i guess i'll have to do this route again some time and get it right. for now, this will do!
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