Wednesday, January 4, 2012

3.00 miles in 26:57

ugh! i decided to do hill repeats this morning. i chose a hill to die on and headed toward it. my plan was to warm up for a mile and then hit it hard. my warm up took me north to an entirely different hill...a longer hill. i thought, "why don't i run this one instead?" i shrugged my shoulders and said, "why not?" shortly after i posed this question, my heart felt like it was going to bust out of my chest as i kept looking for the summit of my newly chosen hill. thankfully, my sternum didn't crack and i was able to run down the hill and back up it two more times. i didn't die. i suppose that's obvious, but i wanted to state it for the record. i cooled down by running around on nice flat streets. after i stopped my garmin, i walked another quarter mile or so to get my heart rate down to where mortals live.
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