Thursday, January 12, 2012

3.10 miles in 26:19

the weatherbug on my computer said, "go back to bed! 19.4 degrees with 19mph winds is too much for you." i punched it in the face, told it to shut up and never talk to me that way again, then went out for run. stupid weatherbug!

my original plan was to join the "run the temperature" club early with a quick 19-miler, but when i got out there, i decided to just join the "run the windchill" club instead. i ran around my two-mile loop, then continued on, taking in my one-mile loop with a slight variation and an additional tenth of a mile. i just can't stop at three miles. i always have to make it a 5K.

among the things i learned on this run: 1) a runner can sweat when the windchill is 3 degrees. 2) the wind in your eyes creates tears which creates a problem at 19 degrees. 3) you can actually overdress when it's bitterly cold. 4) the weather is never as bad as you imagine it when you're in a warm house.

lessons learned. moving on.
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