Sunday, January 1, 2012

4.29 miles in 42:20

after our church's new year's eve party, i went out for a little run. the first two and a half miles i ran with karen, a woman from our church. we talked a little as we circled around town. when we got to highway 54, she told me to go on. her exact words were, "run like the wind!" i laughed. there was no way i could do that. the wind was blowing crazy hard! i ran up howard and onto welton. when i got to maple i went ahead and ran all the way up to the end of the street and circled back by the church to make sure karen made it back to her car safely before heading home. i ran by the house once and then took a half block spin back to lawrence and cherry. i walked from there to my front door for my cool down. my new shoes, nightcrawler, did great! i'm happy. hope you are too. have a great 2012!
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