Monday, January 16, 2012

3.10 miles in 24:32

i slept in a bit this morning and didn't get out for my run until around 7:00. as i stepped out the door, i felt sluggish, so i thought i'd just settle in for a few miles of slow plodding. then i started running. i ran along for a few blocks before looking at my garmin. my pace was around 7:40! i'm still shocked when i see stuff like that. not as startled as i would be if i saw 5:25 or something like that, but knocked for a loop none the less. i'm not supposed to be running that fast. since, at that point i no longer felt slothful, i kept the pressure on and finished out a loop around the northeast side of town. when i stopped my garmin at 5K, i was pleased with my time. not my fastest ever, but a decent result. way better than i used to churn out.
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