Monday, January 23, 2012

around pratt

it was a balmy 30 degrees when i got up this morning, so i decided to go for a ride rather than run. i got geared up and headed out. my plan: to circumnavigate pratt.

i rode out to highway 61 and then began my clockwise journey around town. i was a little skittish about ice on the roads since there were puddles here and there that were clearly crusted over, so i rode a little less aggressively than usual.

i rode out on country club road to lake road to make sure my route encompassed everything within the city limits. i then rode way out west to the housing development with the long hill and then did some zigging and zagging this way and that on the north side of the tracks, trying, but failing to avoid dirt streets. thankfully, the dirt i encountered was hard packed.

i recrossed the railroad tracks at maple and took in the north side of town. as i was riding along holly, i spotted a dog in the yard next to me. i was pretty sure he was loose. he was. thankfully, his owner, a cycling friend of mine, was right there. i almost hit him eyeing the dog. sorry, brandon!

i finished up my circuit riding up and around the cemetery and then around the pratt community college campus before returning to highway 54 which took me home. (11.55 miles @ 14.4mph)
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