Friday, January 6, 2012

3.50 miles in 30:49

after yesterday's hard run out to the school, i didn't want to do anything terribly important this morning. in fact, i almost didn't want to go out at all. i shut of my alarm, reset it for 6:00 and thought about crawling back in bed. i didn't.

i had about a half hour to run by the time i geared up, so i just ran as far as i could at an easy pace. i ran out toward the cemetery, taking a block detour to avoid being hit by a car that was flying up to the stop sign i was approaching. just to be on the safe side, i veered right. i wasn't sure he'd see me otherwise.

after passing the graveyard, i ran up to highway 61 and back down to maple. i ran up the hill to home in two shifts, a block on maple and a block on parkview. a zig here and a zag there and i was back home.
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