Thursday, January 5, 2012

3.40 miles in 27:18

i decided to run to my lunch room duty this morning before i left for work. i packed everything i needed except for one very important shorts! i had everything else on before i noticed, so i rode my bike home in compression shorts. (that's what we'll call them anyway.) i got into the house as quickly as i could and pulled on my shorts, hooked up my mp3 player and headed toward the school.

there is a lot of uphill on the way to the school. i ran pretty hard, because i didn't have a lot of extra time and ended up coming close to a puking incident as i neared the campus. fortunately, i kept everything down and made it to the front door with three minutes to spare. part of why i cut it so close is because the school was just about a half mile further from home than i thought it was. oops! next time, if there is one, i'll know.
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