Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stinkin' weatherbug!

stupid weatherbug! it lied to me! betrayed me! told me the wind was out of the northwest! stinkin' liar!

i rode west through town and out into the country side on highway 54. at skyline, i took old 54 south and west toward the coats road and then took it north back to the highway.  everything was wonderful to that point. too wonderful!

when i turned east on highway 54, i was met by the southeast wind that my weatherbug had shown as northwest. grrrrr! now i was miles from home, going slower downhill than i had been going uphill on the way out. the worst part was knowing i was likely to be late waking my wife up. she doesn't set an alarm. i'm her wake up call.

i rode as hard as i could into the wind back into town. things got a bit easier once i was sheltered by the houses and businesses. the traffic lights were cooperative, too, so i was only five or six minutes late getting back to the house. whew! (12.96 miles @ 15.7mph)
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