Saturday, January 7, 2012

7.50 miles in 1:11:17

after i got back from volunteering at the free health clinic, i decided to go out for a run. i called a young man from our church who'd been asking to run with me to see if he was up to a few miles. he was, so i got dressed and ran to his house to warm up. it was just under a mile there.

he and i ran about 5K looping around to lake road and its evil hill. i talked him into pushing hard up the hill just to see what we could do. we ran hard about halfway up, then he wanted to slow down. we slowed up and then walked a bit when we crested the hill.

we started running again on the way down the hill on country club road and then walked a little on sixth street before finishing up at his house. i stepped in for a glass of water with him and then ran the mile back home.

after running some errands with my wife downtown, we returned home and went out for a run. to my amazement she asked about running hill repeats. there's a really nasty steep hill near our house, so we ran over to it. we ran down it, turned around and pushed hard to the top. she did great. she thought she was going to die, but she didn't. i'm thankful for that.

we repeated that hill three times, then ran over to maple and ran up that hill. you might remember that one from my hill repeats earlier this week. we walked a bit and then ran back home.
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