Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5.38 miles in 45.23

the windchill this morning might have sent most people back to bed or to the gym. not this idiot! 4 degrees is just about right for five plus miles. only the tips of the extremities freeze and who needs them?

i decided when i got up to run my elephant route. i hadn't run it in months and i had an inkling that it would be easier to follow if i ran it in the opposite direction. i walked over to belmont and took off.

the semi-strong wind was out of the southwest, making running south a bit unpleasant. west was bad, but not quite as bad as south.

i carried my map with me so i wouldn't make any wrong turns like i did the last time. it worked! running the route clockwise (sort of) made figuring out where to turn much easier. the turns made more sense. i didn't overshoot any of them.

i got kind of tired after three miles, but kept soldiering on. my beard above and below my mouth froze with the moisture of my breath. my eyelashes were painted with icicles too.

i finished the route at the tip of the trunk and walked back home to warm up.
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