Sunday, April 25, 2010

a bigger loop

my eldest wanted to go for another long ride today. "to help our walk kansas team." so we decided to do a larger loop than the holden nature center loop we'd done in the past.

we headed out on the highway with a strong NNW wind in our faces. we rode slowly, averaging 9.2mph over the first four miles. then we turned south.

oh, the difference a little turn can make. we were soon flying along at 17-18mph, then with a little push we jumped up into the 20-22mph range. in a sprint to the railroad sign, i hit 30.9mph. that's faster than my top speed on the 'fastest mile' challenge last week!

when we turned east onto 30th, we passed a house and two dogs gave chase. one of them gave up after a quarter mile or so, but the other ran along beside us or just behind us for over two miles. we lost sight of him only after dropping down the little incline just past jeff and eddie's farm.

turning north, we again had to fight the wind. thankfully, argonia road is a bit more sheltered than the highway, so we weren't destroyed by it. we pedaled the two or so miles into town without much difficulty, ending our ride at the house at exactly 12 miles.

since it was so windy, i went back out for another mile or so while my daughter shot some footage for an upcoming "confession" video. what she captured is classic. you'll love it. (13.15 miles @ 10.8mph)
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