Monday, April 19, 2010

into the top 11

everything felt right today. i accellerated right out of the gate and never let up. my legs felt great. my back was not an issue. (only two or three slight twinges in 26+ miles!) i just rolled over the countryside. i climbed a couple of hills (slight inclines) at or above 20mph. crazy! it sure was nice to ride hard and fast after last week's slow, easy rides. can't wait to take a stab or two at the 'fastest mile' dirt challenge.

26.2 miles was my total mileage, but i had my best TT time - 35'35 - so i had to separate it out. i'm in 11th place now right behind mark, josh and paul. can't be more than a few seconds between us. i've got 11 days left. i'm gunnin' for you guys! (12.43 miles @ 21.0mph)
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