Friday, April 2, 2010

riding with susan

this morning i talked with my wife about taking a bike ride together at noon. she agreed immediately. so i got a bunch of work done before twelve o'clock rolled around, then walked over to the house.

i pulled her away from her shrub trimming and we got ready to ride. the weather was beautiful. the wind had dropped dramatically from this morning and the sun was out. the temperature was hovering around 60 - a bit cool for my wife's tastes, but perfect as far as i was concerned. we started out and had to circle around the block immediately because susan (that's my wife's name) wanted a jacket. once we got back to the house, i ran in and got her one and we started out again.

this time we made it out to main street and headed south to catch a dirt road we like riding. this particular road runs past the holden nature center, so i've named this regular-to-us loop after the center.

didn't have any major problems along the way. almost wiped out on the sand once and nearly hit my wife, but managed to get it under control before any harm was done.

when we got back around to the highway, we rode single file until we reached main street. that's when a crazy urge hit me. i dove down into the ditch and climbed the far side. then i rode along in the ditch parallel to susan. this equalized us. she cruised along on the highway and i pushed a bit to keep up as i rolled through the grass. fun!

when we got back, i rode a little extra to get my mileage up to five miles. not sure why. just felt like it i guess. (5.01 miles @ 9.0mph)
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