Thursday, April 22, 2010

a break in the rain

looked at the radar. saw a break in the rain. looked at the sky. saw the sun peeking through the clouds. decided to go for another ride. i had an hour for lunch. i ate up the road wearing the amber-lensed glasses of a bike ninja.

i rode out to about midway up nine-mile hill, turned around and rode back. pushed fairly hard, but stayed aerobic. after all this is supposed to be my recovery day.

the main reason for this ride? to get my mileage over 100 for the week. i was afraid if i didn't do it when i had the chance, i'd be stuck indoors while thunderstorms roll through friday and saturday and post my first sub-100-mile week this year. couldn't let that happen. felt a few raindrops just as i turned the corner into town. (16.89 miles @ 18.0mph)
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