Wednesday, April 7, 2010

into the north wind

the driver's ed meeting i was required to attend on my daughter's behalf got out much more quickly than i had expected, so i decided to go for a little ride. i layered up and headed straight into a 20mph northerly headwind. what was i thinking?

i crept along for awhile, hovering around 10mph, then decided to turn around and head back. that was at 7.52 miles, i guess. it took me 44'23 to get there.

the 7.52 miles back took a lot less time - about 20'12 if my calculations are correct. i was flying, hovering around 25mph the whole time, wishing i was able to work this into a 20k TT entry.

i wasn't able to do that, so i just rode into my driveway and dismounted. i logged in to and was gratified by the number of people who are genuinely concerned for my friend, mark. (see previous entries. here's one: then, before i posted this, i logged in to facebook. there i found the greatest thing: mark had commented on my "please-pray-for-mark" status. his words: "thank you!" what else would you expect? i don't know any more about his prognosis, but he must be doing alright if he can log in and check his social networks. i'm sure his "thank you!" is for all who have prayed and who are praying. (15.04 miles @ 14.0mph)
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