Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sprinting in the dark

still sore this morning, but after a five-mile warm up, i was able to get in a little interval training. since it was dark, i couldn't do traditional intervals since i couldn't see my watch nor my cateye, so i just stood and sprinted as hard as i could at every intersection. sometimes that was around a quarter mile, sometimes it was less. my hardest and longest sprint was the one that started at milan road. a truck coming up from the south stopped at the intersection just before i started my sprint. i thought, "i'm going to race this guy to the bridge." so off i went, flying like the wind. i beat him. in the end, i did ten sprints total. one at each mile after mile five and an extra when i turned onto pine street for the final 0.30 miles to home. i'm thankful i woke up early enough to get this ride in before work and judging a forensics meet this afternoon. (14.24 miles @ 18.1mph)
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