Thursday, April 22, 2010

the night was moist

"the night was moist." (throw momma from the train)

woke up early this morning to see my youngest off to texas. she and her teammates are going to be in the houston area this weekend for their final Bible quiz tournament of the year. they've placed at every other meet so hopefully they'll bring back a plaque to hang on the church's wall of fame.

well, i was up anyway, so put my lights on my bike and went for a ride. it was beautifully calm this morning. the roads were a bit damp in places where it must have rained last night. it wasn't raining this morning, but it was, well, sultry. (not sure sultry fits when it's only 57 degrees, but we're going with the sultry. wish they had a sultry button instead of humid on dailymile's weather options.)

so i rode out to the 10-mile mark and turned around. picked up just enough speed that i decided an extra four miles wouldn't hurt, so i did a short turn around a mile from home, went back to the top of mock hill, turned around again and came back.

throughout the ride there were occasional flashes of cloud to cloud lightning in the distance, but nothing striking downwards. i was going to take in a mile or two more when i got to town, but a flash nearer than the others had been changed my mind. decided it was better to live to ride another day than to die for a mile or two.

strange note: i rode 24.23 miles in 1:24'23. weird!(24.23 miles @ 17.2mph)
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