Wednesday, April 28, 2010

enemy and friend

a few minor spasms in the lower back and a twinge or two in the left leg, but felt pretty good overall. the first 10 miles took me 54 minutes. riding into the wind really slowed me down. the final 8 miles took 23 minutes and included two attempts at a faster "flying flatlander" mile.

the first attempt started at 90th street south and went to 80th. i just wanted to see what i could do on a section that was a little bit uphill. didn't have the best of starts, but managed a 2'26. not my worst, but not good enough to move me up in the standings.

i cruised the next couple of miles, recovering and then at 60th street south, i stopped to ride my second 'flying flatlander' mile. the winds had not yet reached their top speeds for the day, but they were extremely helpful. i pushed hard over the mile to 50th street and stopped the clock at 2'08, almost 20 seconds faster than my first best attempt.

the wind is supposed to reach 32mph this afternoon, so if i can talk someone into taking me out to that same mile around 4:00 this afternoon, i may get it under 2'00. we'll see.

the wind was my enemy. the wind was my friend. i prefer it as friend. (18.14 miles @ 13.8mph)
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