Friday, April 16, 2010

last fastest mile

i rode south to the top of tracy hill first. i really wanted to try to improve my 'fastest mile' time down the hill. unfortunately, today the very light wind was against me, out of the north. i pushed, but it pushed back. i was well over the 2'10 i pulled off with the wind at my back less that 24 hours ago.

so i rode north past the highway to see if i could get a better time. the rain started about the time i'd covered the first mile. it wasn't much of a rain. just a few drops here and there. not even enough to wet the road. i turned around at three miles out and came back a mile. the incline i had chosen for the day's second attempt started there. this hill is much less steep than tracy hill. in a car, you wouldn't even notice it. i stopped. i set my watch. i rode hard. the clock stopped at over 2'30.

so i rode to town and turned west. (now you're getting the NEWS part of my workout title.) i rode less that two miles that direction thinking i might take one more stab at the 'fastest mile' if the wind was strong enough. it was, but my legs and back decided it was not going to be. i stood to accellerate and the pain shot through my hip. i slowed to a steady pace and rolled home.

i guess yesterday's 'fastest mile' is going to be it. my two attempts this morning were unsuccessful. there either wasn't enough wind or it was out of the wrong direction. oh, well. there will be another day. monday begins the 'fastest mile' dirt version! can't wait. (17.36 miles @ 15.9mph)
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