Thursday, April 8, 2010

time trial take two

i set out this morning with one goal in mind: get my TT challenge time under 40 minutes. i took off fast, but about two miles into the ride my legs felt horrible. pushing hurt. i let off the gas a bit and actually kind of gave up on the TT attempt. i was just going to ride 15 or 16 miles and call it a day. i could always blame the cold. it was 29 degrees. "my legs just couldn't warm up." that's what i'd report.

a few miles later, however, my legs came around. i climbed drouhard hill with little effort. i looked at my time and figured out that if i pushed just a little more, i could make it back home with a sub-40 time. so i pushed just a little more.

after i turned around, i brought my speed up over 20mph and kept it there most of the way home. there were only a couple of dips into the upper teens that i noticed. the crazy thing is they didn't come on any of the uphill portions of the course. i was riding on the flats. i suppose they was just lapses in concentration that caused these slow downs.

so i made it back and stopped the clock at just under 40 minutes, taking almost two minutes off my previous finish. next week, i'm hoping to start knocking off some of the people ahead of me. (12.43 miles @ 18.8mph)
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