Friday, April 30, 2010

everything in moderation

the sun is shining. the grass is green. the wind has moderated a bit. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. a beautiful day for a bike ride. wish you were my neighbor.

modified my interval workout a bit today. i warmed up for about five minutes and then started moderately hard efforts for one minute followed by moderate efforts the next. i did this for most of the ride. the only variation was the two times i stopped to try my luck at the 'flying flatlanders' mile. both efforts fell short of my controversial 2'08. the first was a 2'20. the second was so slow (for me) that i have conveniently forgotten the time. really! i don't remember what it was.

a couple of little side notes...

1) i rode my final 9 miles at 21.6mph.
2) i hit a max speed of 36.9mph.

my best overall speed in some time. helps that i didn't have hurricane kansas to ride into today. (19.94 miles @ 19.1mph)
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