Wednesday, April 14, 2010

riding with pain

my legs and back were not quite right today. i kept feeling little pin prick pains in my left calf, my right quad and my lower back at the waist line. the pain was sharp, but not constant. i'm heading to my chiropractor this afternoon. something is out of place.

the ride itself wasn't very remarkable. i took it easy. only on my 'fastest mile' attempt did i ever raise my heart rate. cruised out of town. coasted back in. yippee!

in other news: my third 'sixty-second dailymile confesion' is, as they say in hollywood, in the can. i shot the entire episode at a high school drama competition. got almost a dozen aspiring actors (read: suckers) to help me out. it's great! watch for it tomorrow. (19.04 miles @ 15.4mph)
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