Saturday, January 29, 2011

1.82 miles in 21.03

i had difficulty on this run with my wife. it came almost immediately on the heels of my 10-miler. i was stiff as all get out.

after a five minute warm up, we started running. my wife is repeating the couch to 5K workouts she started with, but trying to run harder than the first time. today's workout called for three five-minute runs broken up by two three-minute walks. with the garmin, i was able to create laps so we could see how fast we were running.

our first time running, we maintained a 10:01/mile pace. the second time we averaged 10:03/mile. the last run slowed a bit since my wife was getting tired. we came in at 10:30/mile.

we stopped and walked to cool down then. i wasn't able to walk very quickly. i hurt all over.

a quick shower afterward and i had to get to the junior high games to run the clock.
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